6pcs Clay Set

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Price is per single piece. Best quality product at the very best price.
* Safe and Fun to Play
* A great toy for kids with rich colors
* Develops kids' creativity and imagination
* Creates good coordination with hands, eyes and brain
* Extremely soft and flexible & non-sticky
* Made up of Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly material
* Attractive colorful molding clay to help children acquire strong sense of color
* Fun and easy to build anything that kids would like
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100% Safe and Non Toxic Clay. It's time for kids to have unlimited fun with this unique clay set toy .Just load the clay in vending machine and create your own favourite . A unique DIY Play set for kids. Kids will have unlimited with this great Clay Set. Let your children indulge in some creative activities. This modeling clay can keep your kids away from electronics, this can help them develop their creativity and imagination while play based learning.Ultra-light clay/plasticine multicolor/set for Kids with plastic box Excellent for Kids playing Helps in development of mental Skills High Quality non toxic Dough for kids. Children can create their master peices with this play dough clay.It leaves your hands completely dry and never greasy.

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