Slime Stress Ball for Kids and Adults(Price is per single piece)

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Price is per single set. Best quality products at the very best price
* Non-sticky squeezable stress balls
* Non-toxic and odour-free and safe for children
* Perfect stress relief toy for all age ranges; kids & adults
* Helps in the blood circulation of the hands
* The stress relief ball can be used at home, office or at any other place
Always prefer SmallTub's products to make the party more memorable

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【Stress Ball For Adults Hand Therapy】--squeeze them and all your worries 

goodbye! The relief toys are here to help you alleviate stress, anxiety and tension 

while improving your focus and stimulating your hand muscles. no more stressed 

out meetings, no more tension-filled phone calls for you!
【Slime Stress Ball With Net】--Our stress balls were created with more durable 

outer membrane coating and ball net to prevent breakage. Engineered for quality 

and durability without compromising its functionality
【Squishy Stress Relief Ball】--Made of non-toxic rubber. Durable and not easy to 

deform. Just have it in your hand freely. No more sticky, slimy, smelly, or 

disgusting feeling stress balls
【Stress Ball Toys For Kids】--Safe and non toxic. Kid friendly and parent 

approved! You don't have to worry about you or your children being exposed to 

any toxic chemicals/ Besiedes, It's portable. Your kids can take one no matter 

where they go.

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